Celebrating Latinx Futurisms: The New US Latinx Science Fiction Collection in Pollak Library’s UH&SC

This project builds upon a current initiative Dr. Sandner is leading to create the first ever anywhere collection of US Latinx Science Fiction as a way to responsibly grow our (CSUF) remarkable science fiction special collections to meet our diverse future. We have set an opening date of April 26 for the collection and have a planned event: a reading and Q and A with diverse local authors Sarah Rafael Garcia, writer and editor of the ground-breaking Speculative Fiction for Dreamers (2020), a first of its kind YA Latinx science fiction anthology; Diana Burbano, a celebrated playwright; and Rachelle Cruz, an award-winning poet. This fellowship will facilitate the building of a website to promote the event and explore with timelines and other digital tools to share the history of the field. The fellowship will also develop the digital presence of the collection, something that invites patrons to Special Collections and excites them to explore the new futures so many artists are creating now. 

Faculty bio:

headshot of David Sandner

Dr. David Sandner (English) is a scholar and fiction writer who has written books, essays, and short stories related to science fiction, digital humanities (in relation to popular literature and ethnic futures), Romanticism, the fantastic, and the sublime. Works include Critical Approaches to Fantastic Literature, 1712-1831Philip K. Dick, Essays of the Here and Now (Editor); The Afterlife of Frankenstein (Editor, forthcoming); and recent novella-sized fiction booklets Mingus Fingers and Hellhounds (both co-written with Jacob Weisman). He is a member of the professional writing organizations the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) and The Horror Writers Association (HWA).