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Immersive Experiences Lab

Have you ever wanted to walk through a far-away museum, attend a historical rally, visit archaeological ruins, move through outer space, or learn another language in a foreign country all from the comfort of your living room? In this hands-on lab CSUF’s Digital Literacy Librarian Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS, will help you explore a range of Virtual Reality experiences, and the various equipment used to make these real and imaginary environments come to life. Come explore new worlds!

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Prior workshops:

Python Workshop

Python is free, open-source, highly versatile, and beginner-friendly! It is commonly used in industry, for research, and for general purpose programming. This workshop will focus on research applications. You will learn how to import, synthesize, and chart data in a manner that is easily repeatable and shareable with your research community.

Getting Started with Digital Scholarship

In this workshop, we will reverse engineer some completed digital projects, and explore how to move from ideas to questions, gather data, and make that data machine-readable. Other topics covered in this workshop include planning realistic project budgets and timelines, building your dataset, and developing creative collaborations to help execute big ideas.

How to choose a storytelling platform

This workshop will explore the pros and cons of using various web platforms for building out interactive narratives, digital stories, and other projects. Platforms covered in will include ESRI StoryMaps, WAX, WordPress, Scalar, Thinglink and more.

Digital Mapping platforms

From Basic to Highly Customizable, to Collaborative and Interactive — this workshop explores various tools for making and sharing spatial data using maps.

Beyond the Interview with the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

In this workshop, fellows will learn how to get started using OHMS, an open source, free, web-based tool for syncing oral history audio with metadata, images, and GPS coordinates in order to provide access, discoverability, and interpretation. Facilitated by Dr. Doug Boyd, Director of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky.

Making the Most of a Mentoring Session

This workshop session will provide a vital check in on how DEFCon fellows can continue building healthy communication networks and communities of practice during the second half of the fellowship period.

Organizing and Sharing Your Digital Archive (Roundtable)

Doing digital archives in public is a methodological choice ripe with the possibility of extending archival creation into wider public spaces, and engaging communities that are often mis-represented, or underrepresented in traditional archive spaces. We encourage you to bring your questions and wildest ideas.

Summer 2022 Workshops

Our series for DH Summer Connect 2022 was a solid week of these amazing workshops. Read more about them here.

  • Digital Storytelling: Hands-On with Google Earth Web
  • Digital Storytelling: Hands-On with TimelineJS
  • “Got Geo Data?” Getting Started with Mapbox – Parts I & II
  • Macroscopic Reading through Text Mining
  • A Gentle Introduction to Text Analysis with R
  • VR Demonstrations, and 360 Video Tools and Tours
  • Capturing and Editing Immersive Content with Insta 360 Pro Camera
  • Critical Digital Pedagogy: Debates, Dialogue and Practice

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