We Want to be in the Picture: Mapping Graffiti in the Hispanic World

My research studies graffiti as a visual art that offers political criticism through aesthetics. Graffiti appeal to the invention of new democratic ways of life, to a citizenry that exists beyond the existing institutions. Amidst the current crisis of institutions, I entertain these are crucial urgent issues, since they are part of debates on citizenship, community, and culture, and their possible contributions in the global deterioration of democratic regimes in the 21st century. This fellowship will provide the tools to build a full digital collection that enables curation and discovery of graffiti and similar themes, along with digital exhibits that incorporate narrative exploration.

Faculty bio:

headshot of Dr. Judit Rudnicki Palencia Gutierrez

Judit R. Palencia Gutiérrez is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at California State University, Fullerton. She received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies at University of California, Riverside in 2022, with a focus on contemporary Spanish peninsular cultural studies. Her research interests include political
philosophy, psychoanalysis, historical memory, transitional justice, trauma and memory, public art, critical legal studies and critical pedagogies. Her latest publications focus on the politics of space, public art and transgenerational trauma.