What Can Be Learned from a Liberated Archive?: The California Archival Liberation Project, The Black Panther Party Collection, and CSUF African-American Studies

The project is dedicated to the further development of the digital archival liberation of a small physical collection of historical Black Panther Party materials. We believe that exploration/analysis of both the materials in the archive, and the archival liberation effort writ large, could serve as important sources of knowledge and activity for students in multiple AFAM courses, and will have a strong impact on students’ sense of possibility for their own scholarship and activism. Last, it will provide an opportunity for AFAM faculty and their students to conduct research on historical, present-day, and future issues for BIPOC communities.

Faculty bio:

headshot of Dr. Mei-Ling Malone

Dr. Mei-Ling Malone is an Assistant Professor of African American studies and the faculty advisor for the Black Student Union. She is also a Ujima mentor and BUSCAR mentor on campus. Professor Malone is an abolitionist, alchemist, lover and a mother of two little superheroes. She believes wholeheartedly in kindness, community, and holistic wellness. Dr. Malone received her doctorate from UCLA in Urban Schooling where she researched the school to prison pipeline.