Literacidad en Contextos Globales (READ 440B)

This course engages students in the creation of digital assets that tell the stories of local Afro-PuertoRican artists and the communities they work in. The course invites students to apply digital, ethnographic and historical-archival research methods to the disruption of colonial narratives and spatial practices. 

Faculty bio:

split image: Left, headshot for Julian Jefferies. Right, headshot for Blanca Rojas
Blanca J. Rojas

Blanca J. Rojas has an M.A. in Education and an M.A. in English. At CSU Fullerton, she teaches courses in the Literacy & Reading Education and Chicana & Chicano Studies Departments. Her research interests include racial, linguistic, and spatial (re)imaginations in Contemporary Chicanx, African American, and Indigenous Literatures. In her personal time, Ms. Rojas loves reading, gardening, and traveling. She is an avid rock collector and loves to drink coffee (like in her profile picture). She is also the proud mama of Rio Sebastian, who is always all smiles!

Julián Jefferies
Julian Jefferies received his M.A. in applied linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and his Ph.D. in education from Boston College. His research looks to uncover how society as a whole and schools, in particular, deal with youth who have been historically underserved in education. He has published about the framing of immigrant youth in public opinion in Critical Inquiry in Language Studies and is currently working on research that alerts educators in K-12 institutions and policy-makers on how to best serve undocumented youth in their schools.